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04 September 2008

Pain inside itself
Growing to a hateful disease
Feel to screem
Feel to shout
Hope this pain will end forever
but why this pain still hurts
why?..... why?.....
I thought that I could walk on my feet
but its hard when i'm walking around with this pain
Belived I was strong enough to make it
I look back now
wish I could change the past
My fake smile completely crumbles
I starting to show my weakness
Suddenly my tears that i hidding before finally fall
and theres nothing i can do.


  1. poem yang ko dok buat masa meeting semalam kan?

    hahaha orang sebok meeting kita sebokkan poem ko...

  2. hehehe...

    betoi ler poem yg aku sibuk dlm meeting tue... hehehe... dah tu meeting membosankan tahap gaban sure ler aku buat benda faedah seperti luahan hati dlm omputeh...!! cheeewah.. mcm ler aku nie terer omputeh kan...


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